"You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience"

01 May 2011

100 dieu can lam

Lau lam roi ko con nho toi cai list nay cho toi mot ngay mot nguoi ban hoi "what's your big dream?"
Cho toi gio ma noi, thi cung chang co cai gi goi la Big Dream ca, chi la mot list nhung dieu van muon lam trong hanh trinh tai planet Earth nay ma thoi

Bay gio phai liet ke vao blog de nho ma con lam theo

1/ Co business rieng ( done & TBC)
2/ Boi cung ca heo
3/ Du lich vong quanh the gioi
4/ Den Maduban, An do
5/ Den Grand cannon va Sedona, Arizona
6/ Tham gia cung doan quay phim ve nature
7/ Choi duoc violon ban Cannon in D
8/ Di slalom skakting ( done)
9/ Song & lam viec tai mot nuoc phat trien trong 3 nam
10/ Lam cong viec personal coaching
11/ Hoc ve herbal medicine
12/ Noi duoc tieng Ha Lan can ban
13/ ....

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